Tailored one-to-one coaching programmes designed to empower career focused women in a corporate environment who have the drive to achieve their career goals and aspirations through personal branding, commitment and compelling impact.

Women are still dramatically under represented in management and leadership positions.

Whilst we know women want to advance, we also know that they face stronger headwinds. Often this includes their own limiting beliefs. This can be a significant reason for them missing opportunities and ultimately in denying themselves progression.

My coaching programmes enable women to connect with the power within and take action by owning who they are (their personal brand) and making an impact by turning intention into action.

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“The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches. You are the answer. It’s never outside”

Eckhart Tolle

Pain Points

  • Are you feeling undervalued or unrecognised in your current role?
  • Do you struggle with making an impact or being visible?
  • Are you affected by a lack of confidence and find that you are part of what holds you back from seeking/taking opportunities?
  • Have you been overlooked for opportunities that you feel you deserve?
  • Do you lack gravitas or struggle with owning your own space and making your presence known?

Would You Like To

  • Have more control over your impact and influence?
  • Better communicate the value that you bring to your role/workplace?
  • Connect with your core values and understand how to bring your authentic self to work through this understanding?
  • Overcome limiting beliefs or blockers in your way?
  • Gain the confidence to self-advocate and own your space to open doors to more opportunities?

My aim is to guide you in creating and making the lasting impact that you desire in your career, by owning your personal brand.

The virtual / face to face delivered programmes range from 3 months to 9 months offering a variety of the following modules (to suit your needs)

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Clarity & Purpose






How The Programmes Work

Via tailored one-to-one coaching, self- assessment and practical tools, participants in the programme will be able to:

  • Increase their visibility by establishing their personal brand
  • Increase their self-awareness (internal and external) – so that they can manage and have a lasting impact
  • Clearly communicate their value proposition – in interviews, performance reviews, salary negations
  • Bring their best-self to work by working in alignment to their values
  • Reframe and take control of their mindset to positively respond to limiting thoughts
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What You Will Leave With...

  • A clear personal brand that will enable you own your space and have a lasting impact
  • Your core values – set your manifesto and know your boundaries which will help you to live in alignment, enabling you to be your best self in and outside of work so
  • A clear message to communicate who you are, what you are about and the value that you uniquely offer
  • A stronger mindset with a toolkit to help you remain resilient and agile instead of being a victim to limiting beliefs
  • The self-belief to communicate your strengths, assets and achievements so that you can put yourself forward for your desired roles and opportunities with confidence

Meet The Founder

I have always been ambitious driven and focussed on my career. I started as a HR Coordinator after graduating and reached HR Director level by 35 with two children (5 and 1 at the time). It’s fair to say that my journey hasn’t been without a challenge.

I’ve also had times where I’ve felt I wouldn’t make it any further. Like there would always be a barrier, whether that be age, ethnic origin, gender or being a mum. If there was one thing I did have, it was belief in my own ability. With focus and the right mindset, I had the persistence to keep pushing on.

A huge part of this turnaround was the coaching I had to identify and own my personal brand. This empowered me to have a deliberate and lasting impact to get where I had once dreamed to be.

After 3 years of working as HR Director, seeing the business through Covid and winning awards for my work, I still wanted more. This time it was different.

My ambition became the passion to empower other women to live their career dreams just like I have. So I decided to become a personal brand coach.

Today I run personal brand development programmes for ambitious women and I’m available to support women like you in living their career dreams.


‘I’ve completed many training courses over the years, but this unique and bespoke journey will stay with me forever’ CLAIRE MULHOLLAND, Quality Assurance Team Leader

‘I would 100% recommend this programme to anyone. The programme has helped me learn and grow as a person, woman and employee. From being taught about my USP (unique selling point) to learning how to self-advocate’ 
EMMA CLIFFORD, UK&I Certifications Specialist

‘Conquer has really helped me challenge the way I look at things and the way that I speak to myself which has had such a positive impact on my professional and personal growth. I have learned a valuable set of tools that I can apply when faced with adversity, to help ensure I get back on track and set myself up for success.

‘As I start to implement the boundaries set, it will mean everyone gets a better version of me, including myself. 
Strategic Account Director

‘Opportunity of my career life-time! Working on this programme makes you prioritise yourself. Grab it with both hands and give it everything you’ve got. You’re worth it! ELISABETH JONES, Technical Product Owner


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